Kenshi-kai Okinawa Goju-Ryu
North America Headquarters 

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Adult Program

We are a Serious Martial Arts School where mental and physical training is of equal importance.  Therefore, we have created a program that will help the student realize the benefits of Authentic Training.  This program is intended for anyone serious in exploring the Martial Arts.  We will also spend time on meditation, karate terminology and etiquette. It is very important that we stress that we will spend no time on the sport side of the Martial Arts.  Class duration: An hour and a half.


Here are some of the benefits that Classical karate-ka (Karate practitioner) will acquire from the program:

Increased self confidence

Increased personal discipline

Increased fitness level

Increased concentration

Stress Relief

Increased understanding of personal abilities


What set us apart from other school is we teach a complete system. 

Our curriculum consists of the following:

Kata                       (The key to unlocking the secrets)

Koryu theory           (Ancient style)

Atemi-jutsu             (Striking Art, proper angles, Kyusho)

Nage Waza             (Throwing techniques)

Tuidi-jutsu               (Grab, seizing hand art)

Kyusho-jutsu           (Vital points art)

Tenshin                   (Body change), And More!